StrongBrook Review

Wealth is a system and Strongbrook Direct REIC strongly believes in a vision that can create financial freedom for those that seek it in less than 10 years, with the correct real estate investment strategies. An education is provided by Strongbrook Direct to all those that desire to become real estate investors to secure their financial needs and help them to retire from their job within 10 years and not the traditional 45 year plan.

With many programs on the market promising unrealistic results and not delivering on these promises it is easy to see why many investors would be a little sceptical when first researching a real estate investment program. Strongbrook Direct has dozens of positive feedback from clients who have joined their program and been very successful. It all begins with an education to teach potential investor the correct way to invest in real estate.

A game plan will be scheduled to recognise your own personal goals and interests and build a wealth plan strategy that is tailored to you personally. During 2011 Strongbrook Direct helped clients to procure over 450 property deals in total worth over $32 million these are impressive statistics if you are considering real estate investment.

Strongbrook Direct is a fantastic option for all those considering real estate investment and also for all those who are seasoned and experienced in real estate investing. The education is second to none and provides potential clients with all the knowledge they need to invest wisely and more importantly to invest in real estate that will be sure of giving a return to enable them to retire from their job within 10 years.

The education is one of the most up to date education programs available in real estate investing in the current economic climate. There are currently 4 options to choose from for the education about real estate investing. The first option is a home study course Intensive Highlights. This course is made up of 7 discs, 6 of them are DVD’s and the 7th is a CD. The subjects covered are: Creating your real estate game plan, Finding the best deals and the hottest markets, Becoming an expert at funding your deals, Creating profit locally and Nationally, Implementing your wealth protection plan, Accelerating your wealth with infinite returns and a CD with documents and contracts.

The 2nd option is to join the Strongbrook Wealth Academy. This is a full program offering lots of benefits to members, including mortgage counselling, Cash flow counselling, retirement planning, Strongbrook Academy – this in itself has access to hundreds of relevant online courses, Wealth Summit passes and One-on-One coaching by telephone.

There are literally dozens of fringe benefits for members of the Strongbrook Academy too for both members and their families.

The 3rd option is to invest in the educational 2-3 day workshop: StraitPath Intensive Workshop, this workshop will cover all the aspects of creating wealth and keeping it through real estate investment.

The 4th option is to invest in professional service agreements, these personal service agreements give clients access to Strong brook’s ultimate power team of real estate investors, including exclusive property financing services, property management services, hottest real estate opportunities in the hottest markets.

Whichever package you decide to take with Strongbrook Direct you are sure to end up having the knowledge to completely change your attitude on life and to become a successful real estate investor enabling you to retire from your job within 10 years.


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