Financial Freedom With REIC

REIC is a program for real estate investors to help them understand and build long term goals. Members of REIC are educated about the industry by attending the meetings on a weekly or biweekly basis. This helps them understand the best practices of investment and the right time and place to invest in a property.

REIC helps in creating a game plan of investment that in a span of 5 to 10 years, makes the investor financially free. This financial freedom comes from the residual income that one can generate from the properties.

Kris himself is the owner of more tha 500 residential and commercial properties and hence he is the best with his experience in real estate investment industry.


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REIC Real Estate – Kris Krohn’s Power Team

Kris Krohn shares about why you need a power team to do your real estate with you. Having your real estate power team can help you make or break your success.

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StrongBrook LLC

Strongbrook is one of the most robust and exciting companies to break onto the global business scene in decades.

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Kris Krohn – REIC Global

Kris Krohn purchased his first real estate investment property while a college student and owned 12 properties by the time he graduated. A year later he had bought his 25th home and replaced his job with a six-figure investment income.

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Who is Kris Krohn?

Real estate is only part of Kris’s passion, though. Kris has a passion for self-improvement, for teaching others about gaining true prosperity and harmonizing all aspects of your life to create this success.

Read full story on Kris Krohn Biography

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